The Fastest Platform for Building Enterprise Scale Applications

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  • Enable the Agile Enterprise:

    Facilitate rapid change with lightning fast development.

  • Automate Integration:

    Build complex systems to connect your entire value chain.

  • Take Advantage of Industry Standards:

    Create your applications as efficient collections of standards-based services.

Code Free Zone

TenFold’s patented Universal Application technology builds and renders large-scale, complex applications quickly and reliably without compiling, linking or generating code.

  • Others promise, but TenFold delivers. Code is not even generated behind the scenes of the TenFold app.

  • Ensure high quality applications by automating tedious, repetitive and error-prone coding tasks.

  • Go light years beyond RAD when it comes to rapid feedback and top quality. Extreme Rapid Application Development (XRAD) utilizes a descriptive development model that is built for speed.

Uncompromised Connectivity and Access

TenFold allows standards-based integration within or outside the enterprise, using both thick and thin (web) client based development and access for Enterprise applications.

  • Benefit from the power of open source and integration with Java, web services, and more.

  • Create “C” extension functions to integrate with third-party software libraries.

  • Integrate with your existing architecture & technology, global architectural standards (SOA) and messaging & data standards (FIXML, HL7, AL3, ACORD etc.) to build, extend and enhance your enterprise applications.

Drive Business Innovation

Business people understand business needs. With TenFold, they now have the power to create and customize their applications, with virtually no technical ramp up.

  • Distributed clients with role based access allow you to develop your transformation by leveraging talent across the globe and still manage tight security and access control.

  • Work with TenFold to strengthen the application architecture, stepping up scalability, performance, security, reliability and maintainability.

  • Develop feature-rich powerful applications simply with TenFold's unsurpassed rendering engine functionality.